Strain – the Art World of Ralf Straaberg welcomes you. Here on these pages you will find some of the things that I like in art and music. I have a news section, where you will find information and reviews – it is where I will post some of my thoughts, my reviews of bands, concerts and albums I like – and I will post some of my art there as well as on my gallery page.

For as Long as I can remember I have always been loving art and music. I have been making art on and off all my life. I find inspiration in music and the people around me, as well as emotions. Do what you love and feel like, and let what’s inside speak to you – let the creativity flow and keep it real – stay true to yourself.

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You can follow me on Facebook too by adding ‘Strain – The Art Of Ralf Straaberg’ to your faves. I am on DeviantArt, where you can join and interact with me and lots of other artists. For business related networking, you are always welcome to add me on LinkedIn too, just use friend and add a few words. On my posts and pages you find ‘Share’-buttons – feel free to share my posts and comment on them.

Me - Strain - The Art of Ralf StraabergCome as a guest – stay as a friend. I hope you like it here.